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1. This product allows a Piping System to be designed just like a plumber would assemble the pipe and fittings
2. The engineer merely indicates where the piping is to start.
3. The engineer then starts adding pipe and/or fittings from the supplied library (Pipe Fitting Library).
4. The fittings are automatically inserted, sized, and mated.


Upon Installation, this product is fully embedded into SolidWorks This product is compatible with SolidWorks 2006 and beyond.
The Product works as follows:

1. The user selects a circular edge where a Pipe Fitting is to be inserted.
2. The user then selects what type of fitting, i.e., Fitting, Nipple, or Pipe.
3. If the edge selected is not a fitting from the CadParts Pipe Fitting Library, the program provides a place to manually enter the pipe size.
4. The next step is to select the material, class, and type of fitting(this is done in a window inside SolidWorks).
5. After all of the selections are made, the OK check mark is selected and the chosen fitting is inserted into the assembly and mated as follows:
1. The inserted fitting is concentric with the selected hole
2. The fitting is inserted into the selected part the proper depth for liquid tight fittings as specified in the Machinery's handbook
6. PipeWorks can be used for any of the fittings that are supplied with the included Threaded Pipe Fitting Library.
7. If the fitting being selected is a pipe, the Program automatically asks the operator for a pipe length and description for the Pipe. A new part is created with the chosen length and description and stored in any folder that the user desires.

This product comes with our Threaded Pipe Fitting Library.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee, if not completely satisfied.

PipeWorks with Threaded Pipe Fitting Library: $799.95
Upgrade from Pipe Fitting Library: $300.00

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